Manual Dialing doesn’t equal TCPA Compliance

Learn how to maximize your call center while staying compliant.

TCPA Compliance is a big deal! A lot of organizations believe if they scrub the data and manually dial the cell phones they are complaint. Not really…

When agents make that many calls manually, they are bound to FAT FINGER (miss dial) a call.

This could lead to legal liability!

As you know, some jurisdictions are stricter than others and some may give you a pass, but if it becomes a repetitive problem, then you could be facing a lawsuit.

Nuxiba Technologies, in 2013, put together the first TCPA Compliance dialer that protects you from such litigation and returns to you, the efficiency of the dialer.

Some features of this tool are:

  • Time zone validation: The system is enabled to verify that campaign calls are being made within clients’ time zone.
  • DNCL Scrub Service: To compare the database or Excel records with the national do-not-call registry de la FTC.
  • Black Lists or do-not-call lists: Block the numbers that have been recorded in a National Do Not Call Registry
  • Enable compliance: the system is enabled to dial campaign records in accordance with the American holiday calendar.

Among other functionalities!

Try out our system and discover all the features Nuxiba can offer to your business.

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